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Pragmatism over evangelism

Most sales training speakers teach the value of engaging customers online and providing relevant content. But no one is showing sellers HOW to engage in ways that generates appointments and sales. Specifically.

Until now.

Jeff the only sales training speaker showing audiences how to get more appointments set (faster) with buyers. Whether you're using digital sales (LinkedIn, blogs, YouTube, Facebook etc.) or the phone. There is only ONE way to get appointments set in today's world.

Communications methodology.

The Spark technique

Jeff's Spark Selling method generates qualified appointments with customers, faster, by attracting them to the appointment—rather than asking for it.

Jeff specializes in helping sellers adopt a communications technique to start, or re-start, conversations with buyers, faster.

All thanks to a "brief, blunt and basic" method that sparks curiosity in buyers.

Nick Jiwa, CEO


"I’ve hired a lot of consultants. Jeff was the first to grasp my business and target buyer. 

Then he suggested communications techniques that work—and strengthen my style. I’m finding new ways to start, and re-start, conversations with senior Fortune 500 call center executives."

The gurus were wrong

What if there has been no total revolution of how buyers buy?

What if there is no need to re-invent how sellers sell?

There is no revolution; rather a chance at EVO-lution.

The challenge is to evolve: Adapt how sellers sell in a new, faster-paced, "always on" and mobile digital environment.

This refreshing, new point-of-view is why the world’s top companies and trade associations invite Jeff to their stages.

His book, Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You, is first to offer a clear, hype-free way to help sellers get more appointments using digital. Jeff’s social selling keynote speeches have become famous for inspirational and actionable content.


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Book Jeff if your audience needs:

- Inspiration on social selling through new stories of successful social sellers.
- A starting point … to make social media actually sell for them.
- Step-by-step guidance with a practical, repeatable system they've probably not heard before.
- An occasional laugh … by throwing rocks at misguided social media ‘gurus’.
Insight on what is currently starting conversations—based on accumulated experience of our students across industries.

Jeff Molander is helping sellers to turn Facebook fans, LinkedIn groups and blog readers into leads, sales and subscribers. Learn why Jeff is the best sales training speaker for your meeting, see where he's appearing next, watch social selling tips videos and more at